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Plant Research & Development

Once upon a time, no one had seen Coreopsis ‘Moonbeam’, or Sedum Autumn Joy. Every plant you’re tired of, but can’t drop because it sells, was once a new intro. Even your most ho-hum, bread-and-butter staples had their turn as dewy dazzling debutantes in someone’s catalog.

Only the good stuff sticks around long enough to tread the path from fresh to familiar, from oddity to commodity. And this industry never seems to tire of traveling that path. We’ve all got an eye peeled for the next big thing.

Our new R&D facility represents a new tool for the search process, and a major investment in our – and your – future. It also gives us a laboratory where we can refine our propagation techniques. Even the hottest new plant has to work for every link in the market chain. We want it to work for you, and we want you to grow it from our liners.

At Emerald Coast Growers, we celebrate the new introductions we thrive on. But we’re not content to let someone else bring them to the forefront: We’re in the hunt, too, and we’re proud of our few (so far) contributions to the gardening world’s options. Stay tuned for more.

R&D Facility in Milton, FL
Barry Ballard, Plant Health Specialist

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