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Plant Marketing Companies

Launching new plant varieties is a multi-tiered process. At one end of the chain are breeders of all sizes. Some are corporations with their own paths to market; others are smaller firms. Some are mavericks, individuals drawn to certain plant categories.

At the other end – where the money starts -- are the world’s gardeners. The question: how to connect them? There are specialists who do exactly that.

We love working directly with breeders, but we can’t find them all. So we’re grateful to those who scour the globe seeking them out. If you think of breeders as artists, painting with chlorophyll, marketing companies are the galleries who connect them with patrons – propagators like us, wholesale growers, and finally gardeners and designers.

These facilitators form a vital link and serve a crucial purpose. They give breeders the freedom to do what they do best: Create.