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Crop Culture Tips for Calamagrostis Hello Spring!™
By Josiah Raymer
Available exclusively from Emerald Coast Growers, Calamagrostis ×a. Hello Spring!™ offers a cheery greeting with its beautiful variegated form; crisp, uniform green and white striping; and refined habit. Hello Spring! reaches a height of 3 to 4 feet and is hardy in Zones 4-10.
Hello Spring!is produced in a 38 cell dray with a 3 inch soil depth, maximum dry volume 8.54 cubic inches.
Transplant one plant per each trade gallon pot into a media with good drainage. Plants will be ready for spring sales in approximately eight to 10 weeks.

Growing Media
Choose a well-draining commercial media.

Growing Temperature
Provide daytime greenhouse temperatures of 65 to 75° F and nighttime temperatures of 55 to 65° F.

Light Requirements
Hello Spring! prefers high lights levels of at least 5,000 foot candles or full sun. Supplemental lighting generally isn’t necessary.

Soil pH
Maintain soil pH at approximately 5.8 to 6.2.

Soil Electrical Conductivity (EC)
Soil electrical conductivity (EC) should be maintained at approximately 1.8 to 2.2 mS/cm using the 2:1 extraction method.

Pinching & Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs)
Calamagrostis Hello Spring! typically doesn’t require pinching or PGRs.

Provide a constant liquid feed at medium levels of 150 to 200 ppm nitrogen.

Moisture Level
Allow plants to dry between ample waterings. Keep soil evenly moist.

Pests and Diseases
Follow standard sanitation practices and monitor and scout carefully to prevent any insect and disease activity. In particular, watch for aphids and leaf spot. In most areas, though, they should not be a problem with the proper protocols in place.
Ensure a good preventive program is in place, including managing humidity levels and maintaining good air circulation.
Apply a broad spectrum fungicide drench at liner planting. You may follow a monthly broad spectrum fungicide control program.

Vernalization is not required.

Josiah Raymer is head grower and general manager for Emerald Coast Growers, one of the country’s largest ornamental grass producers. He can be reached at 877-804-7277, or

This article originally appeared in Greenhouse Grower magazine.