We're living in fast times. New genetics from breeders worldwide are streaming into the marketplace at an unprecedented rate. Witness the explosion of options in Coreopsis, Echinacea, Heuchera and Sedum, to name a few, in recent years.

And aren't they gorgeous? We'd love to grow them all, but there are just too many. That's a good problem to have; in fact, finding your future favorites is one of our favorite things to do. But it is a challenge. Our mission is to identify the real keepers, the performers your customers and their customers demand and deserve. What to bring in, what to leave out?

In these web pages you'll find dozens of exciting plants new to our list this year. Adding varieties to our plant list is expected - and, frankly, pretty easy.

You understand as well as we do what makes a plant a keeper. It's an excellent garden plant that works all the way through the supply chain. We can propagate lots of it, reliably and consistently, so you get healthy liners. It fills your containers on schedule, stops traffic on the retail bench, thrives in the landscape, and can even shrug off a few knocks in transport. It's a trouper.

We all grow crops that don't particularly excite us. We've learned to love them simply because they sell, and they sell because they work. We've all reluctantly discarded plants we loved because, somewhere along the line, they just didn't work.

Wouldn't it be great if you could love all your keepers? Not just at first sight, but for years to come? Not just because they sell, but because they thrill? That's our hope and our goal for each of the 60+ varieties we've added this year - a number that could easily be much higher.

Part of our job as a wholesale propagator is to be your sentinel, your doorman. We're here to usher the troupers through and turn the weak links away. We take that challenge very seriously and, fortunately, we love it, too. It's a keeper.