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Emerald Coast Growers is a family-owned propagation nursery headquartered in Pensacola, Florida, with greenhouses in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Founded in 1991 by David and Wyona Babikow, Emerald Coast specializes in starter plants of ornamental grasses and herbaceous perennials, which it ships throughout North America. The Babikow family has been prominent in the green industry since 1875.

“My father had a strong vision for the potential of ornamental grasses,” says son Paul D. Babikow, President of Emerald Coast Growers. “He turned his passion into a thriving business of grasses and perennials.”

Dave’s horticultural roots run deep, back to the time when his grandfather William E. Babikow emigrated from Russia and began growing produce and eventually cut flowers for the Baltimore market in 1875. Dave grew up on the family flower farm with his brothers: Oliver (Buzz), founder of Green Leaf Enterprises; and Paul Wesley, co-owner of Babikow Greenhouses.

Dave and Buzz would marry sisters, Wyona and Lee Moxley respectively, and Dave and Wyona later joined Buzz at Green Leaf, helping to grow the company into a leading perennial supplier.

In the early ’80s, Dave became interested in growing ornamental grasses.

In 1991, Dave and Wyona, along with sons Paul and Mark, established an ornamental grass nursery in Pensacola, Florida. The newly formed company, Emerald Coast Growers, quickly expanded to become a leader in ornamental grass starter plants and eventually include a line of perennial starters.

As the company grew, additional family members joined and brought their strengths to the table. Emerald Coast Growers now employs more than 150 workers, including 12 family members.

With the retirement of Dave and Wyona in 2014, the company is now fully in the hands of its current owners: son Paul & daughter-in-law Maureen Babikow, son Mark Babikow, daughter Cheri Markowitz, daughter Bonnie Mietling and brother-in-law Albert Mueller.


Emerald Coast Growers is proud to celebrate our silver anniversary—25 years of success in the horticulture business. With more than 500,000 sq. ft. of greenhouse space, over 75,000 sq ft of outside space, 100 acres of farmland and growing locations in both the northeast and southeast, Emerald Coast Growers consistently supplies top quality starter plants to growers throughout North America.

What sets us apart

Known for our wide variety of perennial starter plants and specialty plants, Emerald Coast Growers still maintains the distinction of being one of the industry's largest suppliers of ornamental grass liners to North American growers and retailers. Emerald Coast’s key products include perennial plants, ornamental grasses and specialty plants.