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Carex oshimensis EverColor™ Everoro (50)
Carex oshimensis Everoro
Carex oshimensis Everoro

Full SunPart Shade
Tray + Royalty
Plants per Tray: 50 cells (depth 2.31" x width 1.875")
Patents, TMs, & Royalty: PP23406 Tray price includes .25 per plant
Ships from: Pennsylvania
Common Name: Sedge
USDA Hardiness Zones: 6, 7, 8, 9

Trays Ready Now:6
Next Batch: 122 12/10/18
Product Code: 89
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Description Grower Cultural Information
Yellow and gold striped, not unlike 'Evergold' but with improved form and vigor. Gold is indeed found in pots in Ireland, but don't go chasing rainbows. It's in Kilkenny, where the plantsmen of Fitzgerald Nurseries select nifty mutations of Carex 'Evergold'.
Mature Height: 18"

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