We've enhanced and refined our liner offering to bring you the best perennials, ornamental grasses and select tropicals. You've come to expect that.

Our selection was already one of the most diverse among all young plant suppliers. Now, with over 130 newcomers in nearly three dozen genera, we have more of what you need than ever before.

It's our mission to arm you, the grower, with the means to empower YOUR customers - designers, landscapers and gardeners - to refresh, renew and reinvent America's countenance.

But NEW is about more than new plants. That's the most visible part of our ongoing effort to keep our customers coming back for more. But behind the scenes, there's a whole lot more going on.

NEW shipping space
A major investment that's paying off handsomely every week, especially in our busiest times. We can gather, hold, handle, pack and ship your liners more safely and efficiently than ever.

NEW growing space
  Another significant outlay, with tangible results in improved product flow. Nothing beats a structure designed from scratch to provide specific conditions for specific crops.

NEW computer upgrades  Our virtual network makes communication and order fulfillment faster and better. It's a big step towards a true paperless world of receiving, processing and shipping your orders without wasteful filing and printing.

We thank you for your business, which made these improvements possible and necessary. We hope that the past year has treated you well, and that the year to come will eclipse it.

No matter what NEW developments are on the horizon, there are some changes you won't see. You can continue to count on our quality, competitive pricing, exemplary customer service and attention to detail. We're a family business, and we're pretty old school about things that should remain the same.